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Dreamworks U-Bet (Sam)

Sam is from the first Reno x Smokey breeding. He got all of Smokey’s temperament, style, manners and Reno’s drive and water and a better nose than both of them. Only thing missing is the beard. He makes up for it by having an unbelievable short harsh coat that nothing sticks to and water runs off of like a duck.

NA 105 PZ Eval  |  UPT 171 PZ II  |   UT 204 PZ I   |   PEDIGREE


High Standard’s Echo (Echo)


NA 110 PZ 1 UT 204 PZ 1  |   PEDIGREE







Dreamworks Baby (Baby)

Babe is a Sam x Carrie breeding. Nice short tight coat like Sam, easy to train, good range, solid on point, good nose and solid retriever. Youngest dog I’ve run through UPT and was easy to get to that level. Should end up being as good as her dad.




Dreamworks Frisbee (Rosie)

Frisbee is the last female I keep out of Smokey X Reno. Rosie was pointing, swimming, retrieving, tracking, hunting by 5 months old. She has a near perfect coat. Runs and points with her head up like Kipp. Reminds me of Smokey. Time will tell but she looks like a keeper. She will run NA 2017.

NA 90 PZ 11  |  PEDIGREE



Dreamworks Heide (Heide)

Heide is a full sister to Hana. She acts more like her mother, runs hard, fast, solid point, great coat. Looks like she has the potential to be special. Will run NA 2017.

NA 106 PZ 11  |  PEDIGREE



Dreamworks Hana (Hana)

Hana is a Reno x Riley pup. Reminds me of Reno, swimming at 10 weeks old, better point than dad. A little on the soft side and hunts a little close right now, good nose, solid point, buts looks good so far. Absolute sweetheart. Will run NA 2017.

NA 107 PZ 1  |  PEDIGREE







Dreamworks Hunter (Hunter)

Hunter was my first stud dog and the best to date. Hunter had it all; drive, style, class, nose, looks, brains, biddable and confirmation, as close to perfect as I have ever had.

NA 112 PZ 1  |  UT 201 PZ 1   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Hit & Miss (Shooter)

Shooter is another great H litter dog. Co- owned with Ten Oaks Kennel; just a notch behind Hunter.

NA 112 PZ 1  |  UT 187 PZ II  |   SCORES   |  PEDIGREE




Ten Oaks Flaming Arrow (Finn)

Finn was brought to my attention by two NAVHDA judges who saw him at a test and told me I should take a look at him for breeding. Look I did! And they were right. Owned, trained and handled by a first time owner, he is a great dog with high drive yet still biddable.

NA 112 PZ 1   |   UT 202 PZ 1   |   PEDIGREE



Foothills Bodie (Reno)

Reno is the first male dog from outside my kennel that has made the cut into my breeding program. He brought a soft mouth, drive and over the top water entry. A nick to my line, bred with Smokey, produced some of the best pups I have seen.

NA 108 PZ II   |   UT 191 PZ II   |   PEDIGREE



Dreamworks Xavier (Poncho)

Poncho is a Sam x Ruby breeding. Poncho runs like Sam, has a great point, natural retriever, high drive, good coat, and is a great loving house dog. Had a bad day on his UT run, will re-run in 2017, should score around 190 +.

NA 110 PZ I  |  UPT 133 PZ III UT 170 PZ II   |   SCORES   |   PEDIGREE


Cedarwoods Chelsea (Mocha)

Mocha was my first Pudelpoiner bought sight unseen from Cedarwoods kennel. She is a littermate to Cedarwoods Calendar Girl. All my females trace back to her. She was a great dog with endless drive and a wonderful house dog.

NA 102 PZ III   |   UT 182 PZ III   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Brandy (Brandy)

Brandy was my oldest sons first dog and kept him busy and out of trouble in his teenage years. Like her mother she had endless drive and yet was still a great house dog. She taught me what true versatility is in a Pudelpointer. Besides all the different birds, rabbits, ect, we hunted with her she also pointed, chased, and treed a mountain lion for my son. Once while chasing a wounded duck it dove, so did she and came up with a 2 # live trout in her mouth, sat and delivered to hand.

UT 191 PZ II   |   UPT 171 PZ III   |   PEDIGREE




VC Dreamworks Daydreamer (Lilly)

Lilly is very special, she is the first female Pudelpointer to achieve a VC title in the history of the breed in the US. This was done with a first time PP owner and new in NAVHDA events, remarkable to say the least. I leased her for breeding before she earned her VC and she produced my “H” litter. The H litter went on to earn a NA breeders award and one of only two UT breeders awards given to a PP. At the time my H litter was the highest scoring PP litter

NA 112 PZ 1 | UPT 164 PZ II | UPT 204 PZ 1 | VC PASS   |   SCORES   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Jade (Jade)

Jade is a surprise in that we took two hard charging dogs Dreamworks Brandy and Cedarwoods First offense and produced a mellow dog around the house and field. She can hold her own with any dog in the field and is just a pleasure around the house, anybody could have trained her. I bred her to Hunter many times and the pups they produced were my main breeding females for years, Nutmeg, Orchid, and Smokey are all Jade pups and are some of the highest scoring UT PP dogs tested. She is also a full sister to Dreamworks Jasmine, the second female PP in the history of the breed to earn a VC.

NA 112 PZ I | UT 185 PZ II   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Nutmeg (Ruby)

Ruby was holding coveys of wild chukar like a pro at 9 months old. A more biddable PP I don’t think I have ever seen and one off the most enthusiastic retrievers I have ever seen, soft mouthed, every bird or animal brought back alive. She would come back with the bird FASTER than when she went to get it. She passed these things on to Xena and Poncho two of the dogs that have made the line up in the breeding program.

NA 96 PZ III | UT 197 PZ II   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Orchid (Lucy)

Lucy lives with my friend ED who spoils her rotten. Despite that handicap she still scored 201 in UT, just another high scoring PP out of Hunter and Jade. Easy to train and easy around the house.

NA 101 PZ II | UT 201 PZ I   |   PEDIGREE




Dreamworks Smokey (Smokey)

Smokey is another Jade x Hunter pup and the best of those breeding. She has the manners of her mother Jade around the house and the fire of Hunter in the field, the best of both worlds. The only thing that kept her from earning a VC title was my lack of time and money. The Reno x Smokey breeding’s have produced some of the best dogs since my H litter breedings and some of the highest scoring NA PP tested the last few years. We have lost Smokey, the most tragic loss at our kennel ever. We have two female pups from her last breeding that most likely will make the breeding program a few years down the road.

NA 104 PZ III | UT 198 PZ I   |   PEDIGREE


Dreamworks Wiley Riley (Riley)

Riley is a Smokey x Finn breeding. She was sent back to me for training. She was a little behind the curve when she came in for training but caught up quick. After he first hunting season she was sent back in again to be finished and run though UT. See was sent back just a few weeks too late to get her ready for UT but I had seen all I needed to see. She is on par with Smokey and Finn and one of the best PP I have ever seen. She has the manners of Smokey around the house and with the kids and the drive of Finn in the field. The owner is not interested in testing or breeding so I will never be able to put numbers or prizes on her but he let me lease her to have one litter. I bred her to Reno which in a nick to my line breeding and should produce results like the Smokey x Reno breedings, time will tell. I kept the two females from that one time breeding to look at for breeding. I still don’t think the owner knows how good of a dog he has. The dog of his life time for sure.

NA 110 PZ I  |   SCORES   |   PEDIGREE


Dreamworks Violet (Carrie)

Carrie is my daughter-in-law’s dog and house mate with Smokey. She is from Orchid X Reno and reminds me of her mother Lucy , great in the field and spoiled rotten around the house.

NA 96 PZ II   |   UT 187 PZ II   |   PEDIGREE


Dreamworks Xzena (Xzena)

Xena is like her mother Nutmeg, soft mouthed retrieving fool. Very biddable dog. Very easy dog to live with and train. I have two of her pups in for training from the first breeding and she has passed all her great traits to them. She should UT this fall.