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In 1997 the Pudelpointer observed its 100th anniversary. Though not well known in America, the breed has been here since 1956.

The people behind this breed were looking for a multi-purpose dog. To achieve this they used the English Pointer, a breed known for its superior nose, drive, intensity and stamina. They mixed this with the standard poodle, (known in its native land of Germany as the Pudel) a breed known for its intelligence, water retrieving, and love of man.

The first breeding took place in 1881 with a Pudel bitch that was bred with an English Pointer. From that Mating came the first Pudelpointers.

Today’s Pudelpointer is a dog that is very intelligent, which makes this breed very easy to train. With an excellent nose, the drive and stamina to hunt all day, and showing great intensity in everything it does whether it is on point, retrieving from land or water, or on track of a wounded animal, these dogs are for the serious hunter.

The breed standard calls for a dog of 22 – 25 inches at the shoulder and weighing 45 – 70 pounds. The color is usually brown but some are light brown or black. White markings on the chest and paws are permitted. The ideal Pudelpointer coat is harsh, wiry, and dense but many variations are possible. Some are smooth coated and others may have a long woolly coat. Most have pronounced eyebrows and whiskered muzzles. The tail is docked by 1/3 leaving approximately 2/3 of its original length.

The Pudelpointer Breeders of today have had a dual target in mind. A dog that would do them proud on the hunt or in the home. They have sought and found a breed that will hunt and point upland game, trail wounded birds or furred game, retrieve from land or water and also be an excellent companion in the field or home.