Q) Do you sell to non-hunters ?

A) The Pudelpointer has been bred for over 100 years to be a superior hunting dog. To send one to a home without hunting is not fair to the dog, the breed in general or future breeders.


Q) How many years have you been breeding Pudelpointers ?

A) I have owned them for 25 years and have been breeding for 20 +


Q) How many litters per year do you have ?

A) Usually 3 -5


Q) What is the price of your dogs ?

A) $2,000.00


Q) Do you ship out of state ?

A) Yes, we can ship by air cargo, pet transport, and flight nanny.


Q) Do you have a waiting list ?

A) Yes. I always have more people wanting my dogs than I have in a year, so the fairest way is the waiting list.


Q) How do I get on the waiting list ?

A) A 200.00 deposit will get your name on the list. Wait times run three months to a year.


Q) How much do they weigh?

A) The breed standard calls for dogs weighing 45-70 #, 90% run 50-60 #.


Q) How many litters have you had ?

A) We just completed our way through the alphabet for the second time. Our first litter this year will be our 53rd (AAA)!


Q) How much longer do you plan on breeding Pudelpointers ?

A) At least 10 more years.


Q) What is the average size of a litter ?

A) 6-8 but 10 is not uncommon.


Q) At what age can I pick up my pup ?

A) 8 weeks old


Q) Do I have to cut the tails ?

A) No. The tails and dew claws have been cut and they have had two sets of shots and worming.


Q) How long do they live on average ?

A) 12- 14 years is common, and I have heard of dogs making it to 16-17.


Q) Do they make good house dogs?

A) Yes. This is one of the things that sets them apart from most hunting dogs. Pudelpointers seem to have an off switch, they are wonderful in the house, nice, calm, relaxed. Take them to the field and they are as good if not better than any breed out there.


Q) Do they have AKC papers ?

A) No. Pudelpointer breeders have never sought recognition by the AKC, nor do we want it. The fate of several breeds has been ruined by show ring. You will get a pedigree from NAVHDA .