I have been training hunting dogs for 25 years. I have had experience training Labs and Chessie’s, but I specialize in the versatile breeds such as Pudelpointers, German Shorthairs, Wirehairs, Vizsla, Griffons, Spinone, Munsterlanders, and a few of the lesser known breeds like the French Brittany and the Braque Francais. I went from a part time to full time professional dog trainer in 2008. Since then, I am proud to say that my kennels are pretty much filled to capacity each training season with Pudelpointers in for training from all over North America, Dreamwork puppies having first crack at a spot for training!!




I specialize in training dogs for the average hunter and NAVHDA testing and training.

Pudelpointers are easy to train and can be trained by the average owner who puts in the time and effort. For those who chose to do it yourself I recommend joining NAVHDA and getting the NAVHDA training book (green book) and video. You can find the closest chapter and the training book/video on the NAVHDA website. .

For those people without the knowledge, time, birds, grounds, equipment, etc.., or you just want to make sure you don’t mess up your new pup I offer full time training 6 months out of the year.


This program is for puppies 8- 16 weeks old. This is a program to get the dog started in the right direction. We work on socialization, introducing birds, field work, exposure to the gun, retrieving, water etc. – all by using positive reinforcement training.


This program is for pups 6-12 months old. We teach sit, stay, come, whoa (voice & whistle), E- collar work, field work, search, water, retrieving, pointing, steadiness,

track/drag, overall cooperation and obedience. This is a MINIMUM 3 month class and some will take Four months. It is about 50/50 most years, if you did your head start program before I take in your dog it will go faster. If not then it may take a little longer. All dogs completing this training will be ready to hunt over. The dog will hunt, find birds, hold point till flush, whoa on command, come on command, and retrieve naturally. Most will be steady to wing and shot. This will give you a better trained dog than most people have hunted over or owned, and will make you proud.


This program is for dogs 1 ½ years old and up who have finished the started dog program. In this segment we finish the job we started. Dog will be force fetched, steady to wing, shot, and fall, trained for a duck search, remain steady by the blind, and know how to track downed game via running drags. The goal being a fully trained dog that can be taken anywhere and hunted on anything and do well. NAVHDA Utility test level performance. This class takes four months minimum on average. A finished dog has polish, and is truly a sight to behold in all hunting applications.


Head Start 750.00 a month

Started Dog 1,000.00 a month

Finished Dog 1,000.00 a month

We take cash, check, and Venmo!

All training costs include dog food and boarding. Any medications are to be dropped off with the dog with instructions as to what and when to be given (tick, flee, heartworm), etc. All dogs must show proof of current vaccinations, rabies, and kennel cough.

All dogs will stay here for the entire length of the training program they are enrolled in. Owners can come for a visit after the dog has been here one month. Owners are encouraged to come and work with the dog with me a few times during the training process, but it is not mandatory.

At the completion of the program that your dog is enrolled in I prefer that you come in the afternoon to work the dog (about 3 hours), spend the night, and do it again in the morning. This gives us plenty of time to go over all the commands and when and how to give them etc. Spending the night gives you time to remember all the things you forgot to ask the day before or to go over something you did not understand. There are great accommodations close to my house, as well as RV parking.

You will get lots of information and a written list of commands that I have taught. And by working with me and your dog it will make the transition back to you easier for the dog.