Just wanted to drop you a line about how happy I am with the puppy you sold me. We named him Hershey after trying “Mitch” out on him for a while. Hershey seemed to fit his personality a little better. He has been retrieving to hand since the night I brought him home. I have shot doves, geese, ducks, pheasants, grouse, and quail over him, He is pointing, water retrieving like a maniac, and backing. I am going to start blind retrieves with him next month and get him steady to wing and shot. He is whoa trained now and I just need to re-enforce him a bit with live birds. He is about 68lbs at 10 months. I am expecting him to get up to 75 or so. He is a real muscle man. Great stamina and prey drive. He hunted 6 hours for quail one day last week and I had to drag him back to the car. He was hunting with a 5 time national champ setter and he found just as many birds as the setter did and was a much better retriever. If anybody wants a reference give them my email address.




We go to this spot about 300yards wide and two miles long. People take dogs there but it ain’t a park. Anyhow I like to take him there and he always goes and hunts for old tennis balls people have left. So today I was feeling lazy and just sent him searching and every ball he brought back I kept. Then sent him again. 30 mins later I got 24 balls and tossed them in a bag and threw them by the fence. Bet there were more.

I know when I get a pup it ain’t gonna be the same.   He is 8.5 now. Wonder how long I got.

The fuckin cat loves him. He tolerates it.




Hey Mark,

Today my son and I along with Oscar “sancho” Finished out our first season. Oscar is just getting better and better. Out of forty or so birds my son and I shot  he retrieved pretty much every one unless he was tied up with another. Any way just wanted to say thanks again and send a couple pictures.

Take care and hope to get you out here for some real dove hunting one day. We shot these birds in about an hour.

— Dave





Been a very fast learner.  Peeing and pooping outside mostly.  Fetching well.  Keeping a tight reign but with good walls and fun.

— Josh








Hello! We had a good trip home. Willow is adjusting nicely. I plan on having her come with me to my office every day. My staff loves her! It’s been a busy morning so time for a quick nap 🙂

We are loving our new addition to our family!!







Hi there Mark,

Just wanted to follow up with you! The pup is doing great!!! Her name is Wrenley, and she’s been nothing but a joy. I couldn’t be happier with her! She’s already got her nose working full time, and has picked up on some of the basic commands already. She loves to swim, and has had no trouble keeping up on some shorter hikes already.   One quick question as I noticed that you had some of those Ruff Tough Kennels mounted on your old truck. What size are you using? I’m planning on purchasing one for the truck eventually, and I’m leaning towards the Intermediate, but without her being full grown, it’s a little tougher to visualize.   Thank you again for such a great dog! Talk to you soon!


Wrenley is 10 months old now and she is an amazing dog! I’m going to hold out on shipping her down your way, and really focus on fine tuning some of the natural drive that she has in her. With that, she’s figuring everything out quite nicely. She’s getting “whoa” down, and locks up like a champion. Beyond that, she’s as well behaved of a dog as I’ve encountered. I truly couldn’t be more happy!

— Jesse




I hunted over Tacktor (aka Dreamworks Yosemite) for the first time today at Wing & Barrel Ranch in Sonoma. He did great for a 6 month old pup! Look at the intensity on this first chukar retrieve (see photo). He made 6 more pheasant and chukar retrieves to hand after this one.

My daughter Tyra and I worked with him all summer in California, Utah, and Pennsylvania and had him retrieving well even in deep water out to about 40 yards by 4 months.

Then Mike Sutsos at Black Point (now Wing & Barrel Ranch) had him for a month of intensive work on upland pointing and retrieving in August. Mike said he’s the best pudelpointer he has ever trained.

I will take him back to Utah to chase sage grouse and partridge in a couple weeks with my dad. Then it’s duck and quail season in California followed by pheasant and prairie grouse in South Dakota.

Thanks again for a great dog!


It’s been almost a year now since my daughter Tyra picked “Tacktor” (aka Dreamworks Yosemite) from your Y litter last spring and it’s been a busy, sometimes challenging, but overall great year.  He took to hunting very well at a young age, and spent the whole season in the field with me after a month of training last summer with Mike Sutsos introducing him to birds and gunfire after Tyra and I had laid a foundation in obedience and retrieving.

So I have him entered in the NAVHDA Great Central Valley Chapter Natural Ability Test in April, which is a couple weeks away now.  Just wanted to ask if there’s anything you’d recommend working on before then with him? I’ve never done any testing or trialing before, just hunting, so I’m new to this.

He’s a great dog, about full-sized now at just over 50 pounds, and he loves to hunt.  He will also sit happily at place with my 3 year old daughter hugging him for hours, so a great all around companion (except on the occasional days he decides to chew up his dog house while nobody is watching!)

He has hunted with me extensively this past season in California, Utah, and South Dakota and he made about 100 retrieves including upland and waterfowl.  He’s a great little retriever on land and in the water–even in open sea water on the San Francisco Bay!  And his searching and pointing has gotten very good this season, too.

I’ve been fortunate to hunt over a lot of great dogs over the years, including some of Mike Sutsos’s terrific German wirehairs, Lou Pasqua’s national field trial champion German short-hairs, as well as all sorts of well-bred and well-trained Labradors, English setters, Brittanys, and Small Munsterlanders.  I wouldn’t trade Tacktor for any of them.

I haven’t seen enough pudelpointers in the field to know if they’re all this good or if your lines are just exceptional, but everyone who has seen Tacktor work this year has been very impressed (including Mike and Lou), both with his blind duck and snipe retrieves deep in the tules and with his enthusiasm finding, pointing, and retrieving pheasants, grouse, chukar, and quail in the fields and mountains.

His stamina and enthusiasm is amazing, too.  He has run in everything from 80 degree California heat in the early season to a frigid 9 degrees and a foot of snow in Utah in December in all kinds of terrain from coastal salt marshes to high alpine mountains.  On a typical day his GPS collar will record him running 10-20 miles and he really doesn’t get tired.

You breed some terrific dogs! Thank you.


Thanks again for your efforts in breeding such fine lines of pudelpointers.  If you’re ever looking for a really tough, tireless, big-running dog that hunts hard, points well, and retrieves over a hundred gamebirds and waterfowl a season in everything from seawater to high mountain snowpack, let me know.  He could definitely be a good match for a talented, but softer female in a breeding program.

When I had him out last fall on the prairie with my friend Quentin, who is one of the top guides in South Dakota, Tacktor ran with Quentin’s South Dakota wild pheasant-trained Labs for 20 miles a day (according to his GPS collar) for two days in a row, then on the third day when the Labs needed a rest Tacktor went 30 miles and pointed both wild roosters and greater prairie chickens, both of which are said to be nearly impossible to hold on point after the end of October by all the locals in the Dakotas.  The last week of the waterfowl season I had him down at Oakland Land & Cattle in Los Banos and he retrieved two straight limits of green-winged teal for me and my friend Lt. Shawn Olague from DFW.  Four of the teal were cripples and he didn’t lose a single bird even though they were diving on him.





You called him Rocky because he had one nut! Best dog, smart, great companion, a hunting and retrieving  machine!  Three years old now.  Thank you!

— Brad












Hi Mark,

Just sending you a line about Brook. I took her to the Willamette Valley Chapter of  NAVHDA for her ability test. There were two PP there out of the 15 dogs. Four Dogs got  112, prize one for score.

Brook was the only Pudel Pointer to score 112. She did a great job in the field testing. I never sent her off for training but I did work with her with Birds and in the water. She has such a desire to hunt and please.

One of the judges that was there was Larry Stone, he told me to say hi and that I had a winner of a dog.












Buddy had a terrific duck hunting season. He’s steady and is learning to mark downed birds. Lots of birds this year.

The surprise is his guard dog qualities. He doesn’t bark much but really keeps an eye on our house. We were attacked by a pit bull that burst out of a house while we were walking in the neighborhood. I let Buddy loose assuming he would run away. He sat in front of me and when the pit charged, he knocked it over and started dragging him around by the back of its neck.

The owner was quite angry and pulled his dog free by its hind legs and dragged it back into the house. Buddy never made a sound and we walked off as if nothing had happened. He’s a great companion and hunter. I leave him in the house all the time and he disturbs nothing.





We have been absolutely thrilled with our dog, and look forward to adding a second to the family.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my dog, taken last season on one of our pheasant hunts in Montana. She has been terrific on pheasants, chukar, quail and ducks. And when we’re not hunting, it’s all I can do to tear her away from my wife! Just a great companion dog.

— Gary




I wanted you to know that since getting Q Tip from you (I call him Boone) I have spent countless hours hunting and training with him.  I recently took Boone up to do an advanced Huntsmith seminar with Ronnie Smith in Oklahoma.  Ronnie is widely regarded as one of the very best trainers in the business along with his family members Delmar Smith and Rick Smith.

Boone has traveled with Ronnie to the Dakotas for summer training and has worked with him on the famed 6666’s Ranch here in Texas.  Ronnie recently told me he was by far the best versatile dog he had ever seen.  NAVHDA is not very active in my part of the country and I really regret not being able to be involved.  Had he been able to participate in NAVDHA I would have been able to show you the amazing dog he is. He is truly a special dog.  He is a joy in the field and and even better pet and companion.

I just wanted to thank you and tell you to keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

— Trey


Just wanted to give you an update on my dog I got in July out of your Z litter. You named him Zane but I went with “West” since it was my summer out there in y’all’s neck of the woods.

He’s doing great, we’ve quail hunted several times. Duck hunted twice and woodcock hunted last Sunday when it opened. He’s unbelievable and is smarter than most humans I encounter.

— Stuart



This is Chuck Norton from Gridley.  I bought a Pudelpointer from you last March, one from Reno x Smokey.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time training him, just taking him out to the water to chase a bumper, letting him chase a wing at the end of a fishing line and some slapping of 2 by 4’s to get him used to loud noises. I started him out hunting on a game preserve in October and have purchased some pheasant to release him on over the last couple of weeks.  He ran from the first pheasant he found, which was a good laugh, but quickly took to finding them, then pointing them, retrieving them and tracking the runners.  He’s got 23 pheasant and 3 chukkar in the last 30 days and I am beyond happy with how well that dog, named Trigger, hunts birds!  He hunted checks, ditches, open fields, hillsides and rice fields.  I did like you said and just let him go and I can see him figuring out on his own how to best hunt the various cover and wind.  To make a long story short, I’ve never been as happy as I am now with any dog that I have ever owned.  I’m sure with a little training he will turn out to be more than I ever could have imagined.  Like Reno, he does like to catch some air and that can be pretty fun to watch at times.  This weekend will be his first go on wild pheasant and Ducks.  I anticipate that the duck hunting will be “interesting” given his enthusiasm but I can’t wait for Saturday morning nonetheless.

— Chuck




Good morning Mark,
I know you have another busy day today, and I hope it goes by fast and you
have a great day with the dogs. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the
info you helped me with prior to the test yesterday. It was great to watch
all of the dogs and learn a little about how these tests run. I know next
test day I will be much better prepared and look a lot less like the rookie
I did yesterday!!!! Lol.    Anyways thanks for the great dog… Whether he
tests good next time or not, Chewie is an awesome hunter…. One of the best
water dogs I’ve seen, and on top of all that…. Just an amazing house
pet…..   He is absolutely perfect.     So thanks again…. I couldn’t be
happier with my dog and I have you to thank.     I’ll talk to you again,
have a great day.
Patrick Grover




Hi Mark – We had to put Ruby down this morning – kidney failure.  She was 17.3 years old – what a stud!  We loved her very much and I had the most fantastic journey with her through the testing and the prime of her life hunting trips.  She will  be missed.

Scott and Tami Estes






Hey Mark,
I hope all is going good for you. I was writing to inquire about the natural
ability test in sept. I’d really like to get Chewie out there to test, and
just wanted to know if I need to do anything like apply or fill out any
paperwork to get him tested. Please call me any evening or whenever you have
time so I can get any details that I need.
I cannot tell you how wonderful this dog is. He is exactly what I was hoping
for. His personality is amazing such a sweet loving and fun dog, he is great
with other animals. But more importantly his hunting abilities are
outstanding. He is so excited to get on birds, he will go anywhere, he is so
good in the water…. It’s amazing ….. He will jump into the water from
just about any height…. I’ve never seen a dog jump like him.  He’s just
amazing.  And beautiful….. He could be a poster dog for the breed!!!!!
Thank you and I can’t wait for you to see him for yourself.
Talk to you soon
Patrick Grover